The Royal Australian Regiment (RAR)

The Royal Australian Regiment (RAR)


After the initial deployment of a company from the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) as part of the RAMSI deployment in July 2003, smaller units from 1st, 2nd and 3rd batallions of the Australian infantry regiment have continued to be deployed in Solomon Islands.


Australian Troops Reinforce RAMSI, Defence Media Release CPA 076/06, 20 April 2006

“Australian Troops are now on the ground in Honiara directly supporting the RAMSI Participating Police Force.  Joint patrols commenced last night and will continue today. The rapid deployment group, called the Ready Company Group (RCG), that deployed yesterday, is based on an infantry company of approximately 110 infantry soldiers drawn from the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, based in Townsville as part of the 3rd Brigade. Since their arrival last night, they have been supporting the Royal Solomon Islands Police and the RAMSI Participating Police Force, conducting patrols in and around Honiara.”


3RAR Deployment to RAMSI, Defence Media Release CPA 033/05, 23 January 2005The short-notice deployment of the Ready Company Group, based on A Coy, was in response to security concerns following the shooting death of Australian Federal Police Protective Services Officer Adam Dunning – who was also an RAAF Reservist–- on December 22 [2004]….Having been tasked as Ready Company Group since November 2004, A Coy 1RAR received the call-up on December 22 and was on the ground in Honiara the next day. CO 1RAR Lt-Col Chris Field, who headed the contingent, said the job was well within the capabilities of the welltrained and well-equipped battalion, which since returning from East Timor in November 2003 has continued with an extensive training program.

“The battalion spent 2004 conducting training with every company in 1RAR undertaking the Combined Arms Battle Wing based in Townsville, and no extra training was required to enable A Company to deploy at short notice to the Solomon Islands,” he said.

“Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment based in Sydney will deploy to the Solomon Islands on Monday 24 January to reinforce the military component of RAMSI. The 3RAR soldiers who are part of the 3rd Brigade will be rotating with soldiers from 1RAR based in Townsville who are currently in Honiara and were deployed on short notice two days prior to Christmas 2004 to the Solomon Islands following the fatal shooting of an Australian police Officer….The 3RAR company of Soldiers consists of approximately 100 personnel. They will provide added support to the police in enforcing the rule of law and order in the Solomon Islands ensuring the safety of Australian and other RAMSI personnel.”

Solomons emergency – 1RAR’s Ready Company Group activated to assist RAMSI, Captain Damian Shovell, Army News – the soldiers’ newspaper, 10 February 2005




“Charlie Company from the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment would return home to Townsville on 20 November [2003] accompanied by the Commander of the Coalition Task Force and Commander of 2RAR, Lieutenant Colonel John Frewen…A support company from 2RAR will return to Townsville the following day.

” ‘We will leave a reinforced composite Pacific Islands Countries infantry company with an Australian platoon in the Solomons to provide ongoing and necessary back up for the police,’ Senator Hill said.”

2 RAR, Australian War Memorial (AWM) photograph

Private (Pte) Murphy of D Company, 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), surrounded by local people at Sisifiu village in northern Malaita. … 2RAR, based in Townsville, is part of the Australian Army’s Ready Deployment Force, available for deployment at short notice. Infantry from 2RAR were deployed to the Solomon Islands to give security support to the multi-national Participating Police Force (PPF), part of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

2 RAR troops at Kolina, Australian War Memorial (AWM) photograph

Infantry from 8 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR), approach their camp at Kolina, on the remote Weather Coast of Guadalcanal.… Australian and Pacific nation military forces manned Kolina outpost on two-week rotations, to provide security support to the police. Members of C Company of 2RAR, part of the Ready Deployment Force, based at Townsville, were deployed to the Solomon Islands under Operation Anode, Australia’s contribution to RAMSI.

2 RAR at Kolina, Australian War Memorial (AWM) photograph

Kolina, like many villages on the remote Weather Coast, could be reached by RAMSI forces from their base in Honiara only by helicopter. At the edge of the forest the outpost camp and soldiers of C Company, 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR) can be seen. The infantry from 2RAR provided military support to the recently established police post at Kolina. The village had been a stronghold of militant leader Harold Keke, who surrendered to RAMSI forces on 13 August 2003.