Mission and Vision

We hold that it is possible to build peace, create security, and restore sustainability for all people in our time.

To this end, we convene a community of scholars and practitioners who conduct research on strategies to solve interconnected global problems. With networks of partners, we develop and apply these strategies to the linked threats of nuclear war, urban and energy insecurity, and climate change in the Asia Pacific region. We encourage civil society to strengthen regional governance of these common problems and shared solutions.

Strategic Objective I

To use and improve the tools of global problem solving and cooperative engagement focusing on reducing the danger of nuclear war.

Strategic Objective II

To create, use and share the improved tools of cooperative engagement with others engaged in global problem solving.

These strategic tools are:

Information and Knowledge Systems

Convening/Scenarios Methodology

Collaborative Research and Analysis

Increased Transparency and Accountability

Human Understanding: Networking, Mapping, Training, Partnerships