Operation Anode

Operation Anode


Operation Anode is the code name for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) deployment to Solomon Islands under Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), since July 2003.

Government sources

Operation Anode, Departrment of Defence Website

“Operation Anode is the name of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) contribution to the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). RAMSI’s assistance is known as Operation HELPEM FREN (Pidgin English for ‘Helping Friend’). RAMSI’s mission is to assist the Solomon Islands’ Government in restoring law and order.

“The military component of RAMSI comprises of personnel from five troop contributing nations. They are: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Tonga. The main task for the military component is to provide security for RAMSI’s multinational Participating Police Force.”

Operation Anode, Year Book Australia 2008, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Operation Anode is the ADF’s contribution to RAMSI. The military contingent of RAMSI is supporting the Participating Police Force effort in maintaining law and order. As at June 2007, the military component numbered approximately 140 personnel which comprised a coalition headquarters and a company group. Since April 2007, the ADF military contingent has been provided by Army Reserve soldiers.”

Operation Anode, Minister for Defence Robert Hill, Media release 96/03

“The Australian Defence Force contribution to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands will comprise about 1500 Navy, Army and Air Force personnel Defence Minister Robert Hill said today. Military personnel from Australia, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea will provide security for police assisting the Solomon Islands Government to restore law and order. They will also help with logistic and operational support. Australia will lead the military support contingent.”

Solomon Islands medal parade, Minister for Defence Robert Hill, Media release 67/2004, 2 April 2004

“The Townsville-based units involved in Operation Anode included: the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment; the 4th Field Regiment; the 3rd Combat Engineer Regiment; the 10th Force Support Battalion; B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment; the 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion; and the 3rd Command Support Regiment.”

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