Nautilus Offices

Since its founding in 1992, the Nautilus Institute has evolved into a thriving public policy think-tank and community resource. Along the way it has addressed critical security and sustainability issues such as the United States nuclear policy in Korea and the effect of the U.S.-China relationship on environmental insecurity. The Institute has built a reputation not only for innovative research and analysis of critical global problems, it also translates ideas into practical solutions, often with high impact. With branch offices in Berkeley, California, Seoul, South Korea and in Melbourne, Australia, Nautilus pursues its mission through a highly networked organization.

Nautilus Institute – Australia

Nautilus Institute in Australia concentrates on issues that relate to the security and sustainability of the Asia Pacific region. The Australian office oversees the production of NAPSNet’s Weekly Report. It also has a particular interest in Australian forces abroad.

Nautilus Institute – ARI Korea

Although temporarily inactive, the Nautilus Institute’s Northeast Asian node, Nautilus ARI has begun building a regional network of partners to help solve global problems such as nuclear proliferation, energy insecurity, and climate change.

Nautilus Institute – United States

From it’s offices in Berkeley, California, Nautilus US works on East Asian Nuclear Security issues and manages of the Institute’s projects, including the Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone, the publication of the  NAPSNet (the Nautilus Peace and Security Network) Policy Forums and Special Reports, the DPRK Energy Experts Working Group, the North Korean Building Energy Efficiency Training, and the International Crimininalization of Non-State WMD Proliferation project.