Projects by Solution

The Nautilus Institute works with a community of scholars and practitioners who conduct research on strategies to solve global problems. With our network of partners, we develop and apply these strategies to the four linked threats of nuclear attack or accident, energy insecurity, climate change and marginalized civil society in the Asia Pacific region.

Nuclear Security

Threat: Nuclear Attack or Accident in Northeast Asia Nautilus’ Nuclear Security projects identify ways to avoid future nuclear incidents in Northeast Asia. Our projects focus on developing comprehensive approaches to preventing the detonation of a nuclear weapon or attack or accident at a nuclear power plant in the region. These approaches include: establishing a regional Nuclear Weapons Free Zone among other arms control and disarmament measures; ensuring the security of nuclear spent fuel produced at reactor sites; pursuing nuclear non proliferation in East Asia; and promoting information-sharing and confidence-building between states, institutions and civil society on these issues. Nuclear Security Projects:
  • Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel
  • East Asian Science and Security
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Global Disclosure
  • Non-state Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Energy Security

Threat: Energy Insecurity in East Asia Nautilus’ Energy Security projects engage energy analysts and planners in the region in collaborative conceptual and applied work and partnerships with other key energy experts worldwide.  Research focuses on modeling energy strategies in Northeast Asia, with special consideration for North Korea's urgent energy needs, and charting scenarios for cooperation and sustainable energy development strategies for the region. Energy Security Projects:
  • Asian Energy Security
  • North Korean Building Energy Efficiency Training
  • North Korean Energy Experts Working Group

Ecological Sustainability

Threat: Climate Change Nautilus’ Ecological Sustainability projects explore the impacts of climate change in East Asia and the Austral-Pacific. Several of our projects work at the nexus of nuclear and energy security, focusing on issues such as the influence of climate change on nuclear planning and other energy resources.   Ecological Sustainability Projects:
  • Climate Change and Reframing Australia-Indonesia Security
  • Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Workshops

Strong Civil Society Networks

Threat: Marginalized Civil Society Nautilus’ civil society projects seek to enforce networks between emerging and established leaders in South Korea, Japan and China working on strengthening nuclear security, energy security and environmental sustainability Civil Society Projects:
  • Cooperation for Nuclear Disarmament in Australia and Japan
  • Interconnections of Global Problems in East Asia
  • Monitoring and Verification Network
  • Strong Connections: Australia-Korean Strategic Futures
  • Towards a Sustainable Security Community in Australia and Japan

Collaborative Engagement

In keeping with our mission statement, the Nautilus Institute uses tools for collaborative engagement to reduce the danger of nuclear war and engage in global problem solving. Collaborative Engagement Projects:  Dangerous Waters

Globalization & Governance

The Globalization & Governance Program identifies and promotes innovative policies and business practices to enhance social and environmental ethics in global markets. We believe that public policy, consumer information and better corporate governance are powerful tools in strengthening environmental protection, human rights, and economic inclusion. The Program also explores opportunities for California's corporations, investors, and legislators to exert leadership and leverage over ethical market governance in the global economy.