Nautilus Associates

Wade Huntley, Ph.D.

Dr. Wade L. Huntley is the Program Director at the Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Research, in the Liu Institute for Global Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  Previously he was Associate Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute in Hiroshima, Japan, and Director of the Global Peace and Security Program at the Nautilus Institute for Security […]

Gregory Coyle

Gregory Coyle is an Associate at the Nautilus Institute. His previous responsibilities as the Finance Officer at the Nautilus Institute ended in June 2004, after assisting with the transition to the new Nautilus operational model. Gregory brought 12+ years experience in corporate finance and accounting to the Institute, and a strong technology background. Before coming […]

Zulfiqar Ahmad

Zulfiqar Ahmad is a Nautilus Institute Senior Associate working in issues of peace, security and sustainable development in South Asia. He is the former Peace and Security Program Officer for South Asia at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development. At the Nautilus Institute, Zulfiqar was responsible for the production of SANDnet reports as well […]

Timothy Savage

Timothy Savage is Deputy Director of the Seoul branch of the Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainable Development. From 1997-2002, he worked as Senior Program Officer for Northeast Asia at Institute’s headquarters in Berkeley, CA, where he coordinated cooperative engagement programs with North Korea. He also works as Associate Editor at OhmyNews International, an Internet-based […]

Arabella Imhoff

Arabella Imhoff is a Research Officer at Nautilus Institute’s Melbourne office. Arabella undertakes research on regional security issues and is the editor of the Austral Peace and Security Network (APSNet). Arabella has a Bachelors Degree in Asian Studies and International Relations from Murdoch University and a Masters of Diplomacy and Trade from Monash University.

Jin Chen

Jin Chen is the Associate at the Nautilus Institute. She is the former webmaster and system administraor in the Nautilus Institute. Jin has a B.S. and a M.S. in Biology in China. She also received her M.S. in Computer Science at the California State University at Hayward in the summer of 2001, where she acquired […]

G. Pascal Zachary

G. Pascal Zachary is a writer and researcher with expertise in migration, new forms of national and sub-national identities and the role of immigration in social and political change. He is the author of “The Diversity Advantage: Multicultural Identity in the New World Economy” (Westview, 2003). His current research includes studies of African diaspora groups […]

Chris Greacen

Chris Greacen is an engineer with expertise in home and community renewable energy systems (solar electricity, wind, and micro-hydroelectricity). He has worked in Ladakh India, Guatemala, Tibet, Nepal, the Yurok and Zuni Native American Reservations, and North Korea on solar and wind power installations and resource evaluations under a variety of challenging social and cultural […]

Simon SC Tay

Simon SC Tay (LL.B Hons (National University of Singapore) LL.M (Harvard)) teaches international law at the National University of Singapore. He is concurrently chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, a non-governmental think tank. Since July 2002, he has been chairman of the National Environment Agency, the country’s major agency for environmental protection and […]

Brandon Yu

Brandon Yu is the Associate at the Nautilus Institute. His previous responsibilities in Nautilus Institute include producing and editing the Daily Report for the Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet). Prior to joining Nautilus Institute, Brandon worked as a research assistant for Pulitzer Prize nominated, UC Berkeley Sociology Professor Kristin Luker at the Center […]

Lea Prince

Lea Prince is the Associate at the Nautilus Institute. She is the former Pegasus Project Manager and Energy Program Officer at the nautilus Institute. Lea graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. During her studies, she worked extensively with the on-campus recycling program focusing largely on recycling education […]

Jodi-Anne Smith

  Jodi-Anne Smith is a Senior Associate with the Nautilus Institute. Jodi-Anne specializes in using systems thinking to solve complex problems. She was awarded her PhD from the University of New England in 2004. Her PhD research involved looking at the issue of business sustainability and the ways that governments could most effectively work with […]

Jim Williams

Jim Williams is an energy specialist currently working on the development of peaceful non-governmental relations between the US and North Korea. In 1998, Jim managed a Nautilus program that successfully constructed a wind electric system in a North Korean village, the first technical cooperation project of its kind between US and North Korean NGOs. From 1995 […]

Clement Riedel

Clement Riedel is a 29 year old Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California in Berkeley. He obtained a Masters in high energy astrophysics, a Phd. in nanophysics and is currently working in single molecule biophysics. In his spare time he is also working in international affairs and security policy. He aims to use his technical […]

Scott Bruce

scottbruceScott Thomas Bruce serves as Project Manager for the Partnership for Nuclear Security at CRDF Global. He is also an Associate at the Nautilus Institute and the East-West Center.

Roger Cavazos

DSC00510Roger Cavazos retired from the United States Army after 22 years of service at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of war.  

Nikhil Desai

An energy and environmental economist now dividing his time between Washington, DC in the United States and Ahmedabad in India.

Colin Heseltine

colinColin Heseltine is the Associate Director of TFG International and has had a forty year career with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1969-2008), which included many postings in the Asian region and senior policy advisory positions in Australia.

Saleem Janjua

saleem.jpgSaleem Janjua came into contact with the issues of environmental protection/climate change during his bachelors' engineering degree when he specialised in Environmental Engineering. Saleem joined the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Punjab, Pakistan as Assistant Director in 1998 after passing a competition examination of Public Service Commission.

Kang Jungmin

Photo_JMK(2011.8)Dr. KANG is currently a visiting professor at Lee Byong WhiNuclear Energy Policy Center, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering,Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Kang has considerable expertise in technical analyses of nuclear issues, including nuclear fuel cycles, spent fuel management, and nuclear nonproliferation.

KIM Jee-Yeon

Kim Dae-Jung Presidential Library and Museum Research Assistant, Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Alexandre Y. Mansourov

Alexandre Y. Mansourov Dr. Alexandre Y. Mansourov is a specialist in Northeast Asian security, politics, and economics, focusing primarily on the Korean peninsula. He joined the faculty of the Department of Regional Studies at the College of Security Studies in October 2001. Dr. Mansourov received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Columbia University in New […]

Dyana Mardon

Dyana Mardon is a Program Officer at the Global Green Growth Institute, an international organization focused on sustainable development and green growth based in Seoul, Korea. Prior to joining GGGI, Dyana was a Program Officer at Nautilus ARI in Seoul, focusing on issues of governance and civil society in East Asia. She is currently a […]

Jane Mullett

janeJane Mullett has a history of working within groups that are responding to issues of importance to the community. Currently, she is working on climate change adaptation as a research fellow within the Climate Change Adaptation Program, Global Cities Research Institute, RMIT University.

Richard Moon

Screen Shot 2012-08-22 at 9_22_39 AMRichard Moon founded ExtraOrdinary Listening, focused on improving human relations and effectiveness, and is a senior associate with The Nautilus Institute. A yoga instructor for over 40 years, Richard Moon is also renowned as an innovative Aikido Instructor holding the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt with Aikido World Headquarters and has taught around the world.

Stephen Noerper

  Dr. Stephen Noerper serves as Senior Vice President of The Korea Society and was an Associate Professor of International Relations at New York University. An East Asia and Eurasia specialist, he has spent more than two and a half decades in non-profits, academe, the private sector and public service. He has served with the […]

Jonathan O’Donnell

Jonathan O’Donnell Jonathan O’Donnell Phone: +61 4 2575 5829 E-mail: Skype: jod987 LinkedIn: Jonathan O’Donnell Jonathan O’Donnell is fascinated by how people use the Web. In particular, he is interested in making it simpler for people to understand how privacy works on the Web.  He has worked with the Web since it was invented […]

Francis Pisani

Francis Pisani Francis Pisani is the Bay Area based technology correspondent for international newspapers El País (Spain), Le Monde (France) and Reforma (Mexico). He covers IT development in the Silicon Valley as well as the rest of the US. He has covered Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for several European media companies between 1979 […]

Tatsujiro Suzuki

Tatsujiro Suzuki Tatsujiro Suzuki is Senior Research Scientist of Socio-economic Research Center at Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI), Japan, and now Visiting Professor of University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Poilcy from April 2006. He is also a part-time Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, since September 2003. […]

Katsuta Tadahiro

Katsuta Tadahiro Katsuta Tadahiro (Tokyo, Japan) has a PhD in plasma physics from Hiroshima University (1997). He is currently an Associate Professor at the Meiji University. From 2008-2009 he did research on multilateral nuclear fuel cycle system as a visiting researcher at the Princeton University. From 2006-2008 he did research on the separated plutonium management problem […]

Richard Tanter

Mark J. Valencia

Mark J. Valencia Dr. Mark J. Valencia is an internationally known maritime policy analyst, political commentator and consultant focused on Asia. He was a Senior Fellow with the East-West Center for 26 years where he originated, developed and managed international, interdisciplinary projects on maritime policy and international relations in Asia. He has a M.A. in […]

David Von Hippel

David Von Hippel Dr. David Von Hippel is a Nautilus Institute Senior Associate based in Eugene, Oregon. His work with Nautilus has centered on energy and environmental issues in Asia, and particularly in Northeast Asia. He has done extensive analyses of the patterns of fuels use and prospects for energy efficiency and energy sector redevelopment […]

YI Kiho

YIKIHO_ARIBefore working for Nautilus ARI, Yi Kiho worked as Secretary General of Korea Peace Forum from 2003 - 2006. From 1999 - 2002 he studied in Waseda University in Japan, looking at the local civil movement and its links to peace in East Asia.

Lyuba Zarsky

Lyuba Zarsky Lyuba Zarsky is Associate Professor in the International Environmental Policy Program of the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. Her research focuses on policy-relevant studies of globalisation, sustainable development, and market governance, with a particular focus on the role of foreign investment in promoting sustainability, including climate change mitigation and adaptation. […]