Air Lift Group (ALG)

Air Lift Group (ALG)


The Air Lift Group (ALG) of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) provides air lift capability for Australia. ALG is responsible for air logistics support, airborne operations, special operations, search and survivor assistance, air-to-air refuelling, special-purpose VIP transport, aeromedical evacuation, and national support commitments. ALG currently operates six different aircraft types: the C-130J Hercules, C-130H Hercules, DHC-4 Caribou, B707 tanker/transport, B737 Boeing Business Jet and the CL-604 Challenger.

In Solomon Islands, the ALG has provided transport support with Hercules and Caribou airc raft, to shift personnel and equipment to Henderson Air Field in Honiara.

Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron, Australian War Memorial (AWM) photograph

“Australian soldiers wait for their flight from the Solomon Islands to Australia at Honiara airport domestic terminal. … Note the local carved mask hanging to the right of the door, and signs referring to the Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron (ECSS) detachment Air Load Team (to left of door) and the ECSS 1st Air Terminal Squadron Honiara air movements detachment (triangle to right of door). These units of the RAAF were deployed to Honiara to provide logistical support to RAMSI aviation units.”

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