AFP Protection Services

AFP Protection Services

At times of conflict in overseas deployments, such as the April 2006 riots in Honiara, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has deployed specialist personnel from its Protection Services unit to protect High Commission staff, Australian installations and “non-Australian office holders.”

Close Personal Protection, AFP Annual Report 2005-06

“The objective of Protection Services is to ensure that individuals and interests identified to be at risk by the Commonwealth are kept safe and their dignity is preserved….The AFP provides close personal protection (CPP) covering Australian high office holders, non-Australian office holders, internationally protected persons (IPPs) and visiting dignataries…CPP resources were deployed overseas following civil unrest in the Solomon Islands in April-May 2006 and Timor Leste in May-June 2006.”

Report on Intelligence Services Amendment Bill 2003, Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, ASIS and DSD, 2003

The experience of the AFP in its overseas deployments in close personal protection, or in missions to East Timor and Solomon Islands, will be a useful guide to ASIS [the Australian Security and Intelligence Service]. ASIS will however, have to develop its own policies on covert possession and transmission of weapons and ammunition, which the AFP does not practice. ASIS may wish to consult with allied agencies to see whether they have any relevant experience from which ASIS might draw.”