Nautilus brings a range of voices to critical global threats through our network of Associates and Partners. The network includes scholars, civil society activists, policy makers, and concerned citizens from countries around the world representing progressive and conservative perspectives. We believe that by bringing together contrasting views of key issues, we are able to find common ground, work together from a shared set of human values, and craft solutions that respect cultural and economic differences. The unifying thread is Nautilus’ vision for a peaceful, secure and environmentally sustainable future for all in our time.

Nautilus Associates

Associates are individuals who work on Nautilus projects but are not employees of the Institute. They include scholars and researchers with whom we have contracted; members of civil society who have attended our workshops; military strategists, policy makers, technical experts, or great “thinkers” about the complex problems challenging our vision for a secure and sustainable world. Some associates may not be currently actively involved in Nautilus work, but their knowledge continues to inform and guide the Institute.


Partners are organizations or formal groups that collaborate with Nautilus on projects and creative thinking about specific global problems and potential solutions. Like Associates, Partners come from many countries, represent diverse perspectives, and work in academia, government, civil society and think-tanks. They share Nautilus’ vision for a secure and sustainable world and believe it is possible to achieve it in our time.

External Sites

Visit the websites listed below which feature extensive information on topics related to Asia-Pacific sustainable development and security issues. While Nautilus cannot vouch for the information on external sites, we do hope you will find this listing useful.   Old Program Areas Regional Sites General Reference Global Peace & Security Korean Info General Media Energy, […]