Coalition Forces – Vanuatu

Coalition Forces – Vanuatu

Contributing nations – Vanuatu, RAMSI website

Vanuatu has provided police officers to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands since July 2003.


RAMSI Mourns Death of Senior ni-Vanuatu Police Officer, RAMSI media release, 28 April 2009

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) yesterday announced the sudden death from natural causes of the Commander of the Vanuatu Contingent in RAMSI’s Participating Police Force (PPF), Amos Solip. RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson, said he was shocked by the unexpected passing of Chief Inspector Solip, who died in his sleep yesterday morning at the provincial police post of Isuna on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal. He was 54 years of age. Mr Wilson said he was deeply saddened by the untimely death of Chief Inspector Solip who headed a team of five ni-Vanuatu in RAMSI’s Participating Police force.”


RAMSI thanks Vanuatu, Media release, RAMSI website, July 2006

“On the occasion of Vanuatu’s national day, 30 July, Special Coordinator James Batley has thanked the Republic of Vanuatu for its contribution to the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands….Over the last three years, RAMSI had benefitted greatly from the expertise and cultural knowledge that Vanuatu personnel brought to the mission both in Honiara and in many parts of the country. He said that the current Vanuatu police contingent numbered three personnel commanded by PPF Adviser Benson Samuels. He said that a number of ni-Vanuatu were also providing support to RAMSI as crew on board ships contracted by RAMSI.”

Vanuatu Police Force, Australian War Memorial (AWM) photograph

An unidentified off-duty member of the Vanuatu Police Force reads the Solomon Star newspaper in a tent at Camp RAMSI.