Metinaro Training Base

Metinaro Training Base


Under the Defence Cooperation Program the ADF has carried out a variety of training activities at the Metinaro Training Base east of Dili. The facility has also used for training of East Timorese military personnel (FDTL-F) by other foreign contingents, and has a Timorese commander from the F-FDTL. The 2006 FDTL-F mutiny was launched from the Metinaro base. Metinaro was a base for the Australian Training Support Team East Timor (ATST EM) deployed to East Timor between 1999 – October 2003.

Metinaro Training Base 

Government sources

Defence Cooperation: South-East Asia, Outcome Five: Strategic Policy, Performance Summary, Chapter 2, Budget Summary 2003-4, Department of Defence.

An English language training facility was constructed and successfully completed on time and under budget at the Metinaro Training Base in East Timor. The English language training program in East Timor has moved into this facility and is successfully training Timorese Defence Force personnel. During 2003-04, four Timorese Defence Force graduates of the English language training program in East Timor continued their English training at the Defence International Training Centre in Australia. On completion, several went on to successfully complete the Methodology in English Language Training Course, which is required for them to become English instructors.

The second and third iterations of the Platoon Commanders’ Course, a tailored ten-week leadership/officer training course, was successfully completed in East Timor. 


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The DCP has developed a state-of-the-art training facility for the F-FDTL at Metinaro; trained numerous F-FDTL personnel in English language and general education both in Timor-Leste and Australia; provided assistance to engineering capability development; and has facilitated the  training of several F-FDTL officers at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Through 2008 the DCP will continue to implement major infrastructure projects such as developing a specialist training facility at the Metinaro training base and training F-FDTL members in the areas of engineering, communications and English language.

Metinaro Training Centre obstacle course, Image Galleries 2008, Operation Astute, Department of Defence, 11 July 2008

“The Australian Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) is committed to helping the Timor Leste Falintil Defence Force (F-FDTL) to develop its own Military Engineering capability. Today was the beginning of a joint project to build an obstacle course at the Metinaro Training Centre. This project is an essential element of the facilities at the Training Centre which will be used by various courses including the training of the pending recruit intake. A second advanced obstacle is also being designed and funded by the DCP to be built by the F-FDTL at another training facility in the east of the country.”

Metinaro Training Facility, Image Galleries 2009, Operation Astute, Department of Defence website, 21 May 2009

A Static Grenade Range, built in East Timor by elements of Timor-Leste Battle Group V, was officially opened by the Commander of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF), Brigadier Bill Sowry, recently. The Range, which replaced an old, hastily built construction was accepted by the Commandant of the Metinaro Training Facility, Lieutenant Colonel Falur, of the East Timor Defence Force. The new facility is to assist East Timor Defence Force soldier training and is also a training facility used by members of the ISF. The range was constructed of cement blocks and concrete, with some wooden reinforcement. Engineers from 1st Combat Engineer Regiment constructed the range facility with the assistance of PTE Tony Jenkin, from 5RAR, who provided block-laying expertise for the project.”

Commentary and analysis

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At Metinaro training base, 25 kilometres east of Dili, the second battalion, led by Colonel Aluk Decar (like many officers he retains his nom de guerre), is completing its training under Australian, New Zealand and Portuguese instructors. The 600 recruits of the first battalion graduated in December 2001 and are deployed in eastern Lospalos, also under an ex-jungle fighter, Colonel Falur Rate Laek. Colonel Pedro commands Metinaro.

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