Camp Doha

Camp Doha


Camp Doha was the principal US and coalition base in Kuwait from the end of the Gulf war until the announcement of its closure in 2005, though as of 2007 the base was still functioning. Key logistics base for the ADF in the Middle East.

Government sources

Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, Watching Brief on the War on Terrorism, 21 October 2002, Chapter 3

Describes ADF activities at the coalition base at Camp Doha in late 2002 in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

“Australian liaison officers have been based at Camp Doha for over ten years. The major ADF elements based at Camp Doha are a small Army logistic support element and the Australian National Command Headquarters.”


Camp Doha,

Detailed account of history and current situation, with maps, photos and satellite imagery, and links to other Kuwait facilities.

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