FOB Khyber-Lyddiard

FOB Khyber-Lyddiard


Forward operating base in the Baluchi Valley, Chora. Originally known as Camp Khyber, and then re-named FOB Lyddiard in honour of Sergeant Michael Lyddiard, severely wounded in November 2007. However Netherlands sources continue to refer to FOB Khyber-Lyddiard or FOB Khyber.

Volksrant map of Chora FOBs

Caption: Locaties van de forward operating bases Khyber, Qudus, Mashal en Locke én van de White Compound in Chora (in het oord Ali Shirzai).
Source: De Volksrant, 17 January 2009

Chora valley - AIMS map


Source: Chora District, Oruzgan Province, Afghanistan, AIMS,

Government sources

Landmacht, zesde jaargang, nummer 2,maart 2008

[Tr.] The Forward Operating base (FOB) Khyber-Lyddiard in Deh Rashan is another example of the positive impact of Operation Spider Ghar.  With the Dutch of the Operational Mentoring affair team (OMLT), Afghan soldiers look to this base for security in the area. The soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) are the face of the government in Deh Rashan.

Triumph of spirit, Cpl Mike McSweeney and Lt Bill Heck, Army, Edition 1182 February 7, 2008.

Sgt. Michael Lyddiard has not been forgotten by his mates in Afghanistan – in fact they have named a base after him. RTF 3 soldiers built the Afghan National Army patrol base in Oruzgan province. The Afghan troops occupying the base and their Dutch counterparts agreed that Patrol Base Khyber will now carry the local name of Camp Lyddiard.

Evicting the Taliban, Report by Capt Douglas McGuire, photos by Cpl Neil Ruskin, Army, 29 May 2008.

Capt Rachel Brennan and RSM WO1 Steven Di Tullio at FOB Lyddiard.

Periodiek overzicht Afghanistan, Ministrie van Defensie, 6 December 2007

[Tr.] At the beginning of Operation spider Ghar construction was started, and at last the forward operating base (FOB) have been transferred to the Afghan army. With the checkpoints around Chora and with the arrival of patrol basis Khyber in the south of the Baluchi Valley an important contribution is made to the security of the areas. An entity of the Afghan National Army (ANA) is stationed at FOB Khyber. The Australian Reconstruction Task Force were responsible for the construction of the base.


Camp Lyddiard – Afghanistan, Live Leak,

Lokale tijd Uruzgan, Uruzgan, Boejke Pienter – De ‘Way of life’ van de militair

Australian Army Turns Over Camp Lyddiard, [Video], LiveLeak, [accessed 30 August 2008]

A new Afghan National Army (ANA) patrol base in Oruzgan Province that was constructed by Reconstruction Task Force Three (RTF-3) has been left with a lasting Aussie connection. The Afghan troops now occupying the base and their Dutch counterparts have agreed that Patrol Base Khyber will now carry the local name of Camp Lyddiard, in honour of Sergeant Michael Lyddiard who was seriously wounded by an Improvised Explosive Device last year.

Australian soldier tells of bomb injury, The Age, 16 January 2008.

An Australian digger who lost an eye and part of an arm when a bomb exploded in Afghanistan is looking forward to having a beer with his mates when they return home. Sergeant Michael Lyddiard lost his right eye and lower right arm when an improvised explosive device he was trying to defuse detonated on November 3 last year.

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