Defence Cooperation Compound, Dili

Defence Cooperation Compound, Dili


A residential Defence Cooperation Programme compound is located  behind the Australian Embassy in Comoro, a suburb of Dili. DCP personnel are also located in Metinaro and Baucau (FFDTL barracks). On 4 October 2007 an explosive was thrown into the DCP compound, but no-one was injured.

Location: S 8° 33′ 37”, E 125° 34′ 40” (unconfirmed)

Government sources

The Defence Cooperation Program – Residential compound phase 2, Operation Astute, Image Galleries 2007, 20 August 2007

Previous members of Defence Cooperation have established that it is worth coming to Timor for one to two year postings in order to build better relationships with the FFDTL. In 2003 plans were developed to build the first a residential compound for the deploying personnel and their families who work in Dili and the first four of those houses were built in 2005. After a pause last year the government has agreed to the second phase and complete rest of the housing so more families can come to Dili. This program has now started with the official “turning of the first sod” at the site for the second round of housing.

Commentary and analysis

Explosion near Australian embassy in ETimor, no injuries – UN, AFP

A grenade appeared to have been thrown at a building near the Australian embassy in East Timor’s capital, causing a “large” explosion but no injuries, the UN police said Friday. The Defence Cooperation Programme (DCP) building near the embassy was targeted in the Thursday night attack, the police said in their daily security briefing statement. “The explosion damaged windows of the DCP compound and is thought to have been caused by a grenade. There were no reports of any injuries, and forensic investigators are examining the crime scene,” the statement said.

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