FOB Maliana

FOB Maliana


Forward Operating Base Maliana was handed over to the Timor Leste government in early 2009. ADF elements had used the base in the post-1999 intervention, and again in the post-May 2006 intervention.

Government sources

Forward Operating Base Maliana, Image Galleries 2009, Operation Astute, Department of Defence, 19 January 2009

Forward Operating Base Maliana was handed back to the District Administrator by the International Stabilisation Force, after just over six months. About 20-30 soldiers from Golf Company, Timor- Leste Battle Group 5 were operating from the base. Their tasks were to provide vehicle mounted patrols around the district, and foot patrols in the town area. The soldiers move to Chauvel Forward Operating base, just outside Dili.

Commentary and analysis

The 2nd Tour of Timor 02-03, History Of 5/7 RAR Pipes And Drums

In October 2002 the Pipes and Drums began the deployment for its second tour of East Timor. The soldiers of the platoon entered East Timor in small groups with other sub units as early as the Battalion’s advance party and carried out various rolls as the unit took over operations from 3 RAR. It was immediately apparent to the soldiers on their second tour that East Timor had changed dramatically since they had left. The FOBs had undergone major changes, Tonabibi and Batugate were almost unrecognisable, Maliana and Aidabaletan had moved and two new locations had been added to the Area of Operations (AO), Moliana and Bobinaro. The facility at Moliana was by far the biggest housing the Battalion’s Headquarters, Administration Company, elements of Support Company and attachments such as the Blackhawks with their support staff, engineers and working

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