Tarin Kowt – military bases and activities

Tarin Kowt – military bases and activities

Location: N32° 36′ 45.56″, E65° 51′ 59.01″.


This page deals with ADF and coalition locations in and around the town of Tarin Kowt, the principal town in Oruzgan province. These facilities include:

The names used for these facilities have changed over time – e.g. the US-built FOB Ripley was reportedly renamed FOB Davis, and again as Camp Holland following the Dutch takeover of command in 2006. However, in 2010 official US documents were referring FOB Tarin Kowt.

Government sources

Question and Answer Session, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston,  Media Roundtable, MSPA 90721/09,  21 July 2009

There is a full aviation battalion of the US Army going into Tarin Kowt. The whole south side of the airfield is a building site. The US Army are going in there in force. Saw a couple of C130s from the US Air Force land while we were there, disgorging equipment, so that the US could operate many more helicopters out of Oruzgan.



Tereen Airstrip, Tarin Kowt –  [Google Earth*]

*Google Earth (free download) required.

Uruzgan region bases
Source: Dutch mission in Uruzgan: two years, Radio Netherlands, <br /> 01-08-2008.<br /> http://www.radionetherlands.nl/currentaffairs/080801-Dutch-Uruzgan

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