Bagram Airbase

Bagram Airbase

Location: 34°56′ 46?N, 69°15?54?E.


Bagram Airbase, a major US military base, used by ADF. Also notorious as a US detention centre. David Hicks was detained at Bagram. The Australian Special Forces Task Group was based at Bagram from early 2002 to 2003.

Government sources

Visit to Australian Forces Deployed to the International Coalition Against Terrorism, Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, 21 October 2002, Chapter 6.


Bagram Airbase,

Detailed historical account with updated materials.

Bagram Air Base, Wikipedia

Uneven but useful article. Includes brief section on use of Bagram as a detention centre.

455th AEW, Bagram Airfield, U.S. Air Force

“The 455th Air Expeditionary Wing, headquartered at Bagram Airfield, is comprised of about 2,500 Airmen, based throughout Afghanistan combating terrorism and helping build a better future for Afghans.”

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Detention centre

Prisons, Afghanistan: Bagram,

Search via “Bagram” results in large number of detailed articles 2001 – present. “Bagram Airbase was initially used in order to house detainees captured during Operation Enduring Freedom in order to be processed before being sent elsewhere or released. However due to logistical reasons it has become backlogged with detainees. The facility still holds more than 500 terror suspects who have not been given access to lawyers or any semblance of due process.[30] Former detainees of Bagram have claimed that often those being held there were hidden from the ICRC in order for their identities not to be revealed.”

“ is a non-sectarian Islamic human rights website that exists solely to raise awareness of the plight of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and other detainees held as part of the War on Terror.”

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