FOB Chora (ANA)

FOB Chora (ANA)


FOB Chora cannot be reliably located, and may refer to an earlier incarnation of one of at least four forward operating bases built in the Chora valley or near the town of Chora, including FOB Khyber-Lyddiard, FOB Locke, FOB Mashal, FOB Mirwais, and FOB Qudus.

Government sources

Operation Slipper: RTF3, Department of Defence

Afghan National Army Forward Operating Base in Chora: In the northern region of Chora, RTF3 are building an ANA Forward Operating Base. It is managed by RTF3 and employs a considerable amount of local contractors and workers, providing essential security and employment within the region.

Aussie Diggers fight off Taliban extremist attacks on construction site, Op Slipper Images, Department of Defence, 27 February 2008

For 35 days in mid-winter, Australian soldiers of the Reconstruction Task Force and their Afghan National Army (ANA) allies were responsible for the construction of an ANA Forward Operating Base (FOB) and provision of security in Afghanistan’s strategic Chora Valley.


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