Camp Victory, Baghdad

Camp Victory, Baghdad


Camp Victory, located in the Al Faw Palace inside the larger Victory Base Complex adjacent to Baghdad International Airport. It is the site of the Australian National Headquarters – Middle East Area of Operations. The Victory Base Complex also includes the Aby Ghurayb Prison (aka Camp Liberty) and Cobra Base.

Government sources

A small group making a big difference, Major John McPherson, Operation Catalyst News and features, 1 June 2005.

“Based predominantly out of the Camp Victory’s Al Faw Palace – with a number within the International Zone in Baghdad proper – the reputations of these 27 Australians are held high throughout the coalition. They are a mix of Army, Navy and Air Force commissioned and non-commissioned officers and their duties directly affect the outcomes of the coalition operation. They are employed in all facets from troop movement, resource and sustainment, telecommunications, intelligence, explosive ordinance advice, engineering and legal … all the way through to designing and maintaining web pages and troop morale. Most are specialists in their respective areas of expertise. Another giving witness to this is LTCOL Craig Hersant who has a highly important role as part the Multi National Corp – Iraq in which he has responsibility for the tasking and operation of a wide range of surveillance assets.”

Al Faw Palace, Camp Victory - image

“Lieutenant Commander Andy Barnes relaxes in front of his ‘office’, the Al Faw Palace in Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq.”
Source: Department of Defence



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