Interconnections of Global Problems in East Asia (2009)

Interconnections of Global Problems in East Asia


The Nautilus Institute, in collaboration with DaSMI at Sungkonghoe University, held an international workshop in Paju, Korea from March 16-17, 2009 on the topic “Interconnections of Global Problems in East Asia: Climate Change Adaptation and its Complexity from the Perspective of Civil Society.”

Consisting of a two-day research workshop followed by a two-day scenarios workshop, the overall objective of this meeting was to improve collective understanding of the multiple, complex, and necessarily interactive impacts of climate change with other global problems, specifically Urban Insecurity, Nuclear Proliferation, and Energy Security. Explorations of these general questions were applied to Northeast Asian cases, and their interactions with other global problems from the perspective of civil society.

The workshop was funded by a grant from the Korea Foundation.

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