Interconnection Among Global Problems in Northeast Asia

Climate Change Adaptation

China: Yang Yi, Domestic Constraints and International Forces: Exploring China’s Position on International Climate Change Policy

Japan: Yurika Ayukawa, Japanese Policy on Climate Change: Adaptation and its Complexity

Korea: Sangbum Shin, Domestic Environmental Governance and Regional Environmental Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Energy Security

China: Wang Yanjia, Energy Security and Climate Change Issues in China

Japan: Yoshihisa Ohno, Global Warming Threatening Energy Security of Africa

Korea: Yoo Seung-jik, Issues in Climate Change and Energy Security in Northeast Asia

Urban Insecurity

China: Deng Quhong, Natural Disasters, Migration, and Urban Insecurity in China

Japan:  Takayuki MINATO and Pitch SUTHEERAWATTHANA,  Exploring Possible Cooperation for Climate Change Adaptation: How Civil Society Could Work With Government Strategies

Korea: Lee Sanghun, Latent Layers Beneath the Relationship Between Urban Insecurity and Climate Change: Case of South Korea

Nuclear Proliferation

China: Han Hua, Nuclear Rennaissance and Nonproliferation in Northeast Asia

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Japan: Tadahiro KATSUTA, Climate Change and Nuclear Proliferation

Korea: Cheong Wook-shik, The Spillover Effect of a Nuclear-Free and Peaceful Korea