Oil Sector

Resources Relating to the Oil Sector

Information and Research Centers

  • Greenpeace
  • Amazon Watch works with indigenous and environmental organizations in the Amazon Basin to defend the environment and advance indigenous peoples’ rights in the face of large-scale industrial development-oil & gas pipelines, power lines, roads, and other mega-projects.
  • The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network is a project of the Institute for Policy Studies (Washington, DC) and the Transnational Institute (Amsterdam), works in partnership with citizens groups globally on environment and development issues with a particular focus on climate change, human rights, energy, gender equity, and economic issues.
  • Strategies for Today’s Environmental Partnerships (STEP) is a project of The American Petroleum Institute. The STEP project provides a unifying framework that the oil and natural gas industry can use to improve EH&S performance in a flexible, yet systematic manner; to share best practices; to enhance operating efficiencies and reduce costs; to document performance improvements; and to respond to public concerns about industry performance and future commitments.


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