NATO Op-Eds and Analyses

This page provides links to Op-Eds and analyses relating to NATO’s nuclear policy and the debate about a no-first-use policy. The entries are listed in reverse chronological order beginning with the most recent.

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Entries From 1999

  • William Arkin, A Draft in America’s Future?,, (Nov 12, 1999). Also see the full New World Coming report.
  • William Arkin, The Story Behind the Chinese Embassy Bombing,, (Nov 8, 1999)
  • Stansfield Turner, A Way Out Of Nuclear Stalemate, Washington Post, (Nov 1, 1999) .
  • Paul Nitze, A Threat Mostly to Ourselves, New York Times, (Oct 28, 1999)
  • Lawrence Eagleburger, Don’t kill the nuclear test ban treaty, Washington Times, (Oct 11, 1999).
  • Ray Kidder, Lynn Sykes and Frank von Hippel, False Fears About A Test Ban, Washington Post, (Oct 10, 1999).
  • Stansfield Turner, Ratify The Test Ban Treaty, New York Times, (Oct 9, 1999).
  • Jon Kyl, Nuclear Treaty Fallout, Washington Post, (Oct 9, 1999).
  • Jacques Chirac, Tony Blair and Gerhard Schroder, A Treaty We All Need, New York Times, (Oct 8, 1999).
  • Henry Kissinger, Storm Clouds Gathering: The Unnecessary Rush Toward Confrontation Must Be Reversed By Both China And The United States, Washington Post, (Sep 7, 1999).
  • Hans M. Kristensen and Wade L. Huntley, NATO Nuclear Policy: Back To The Future, The Monitor, page 8, (Sep 1999).
  • Zhang Qingmin writes:U.S. Technological Transfer to China and Sino-U.S. Relations, Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong), (Sep 1, 1999).
  • Samuel Berger Outlines U.S. Nonproliferation Policy, Security Issues Digest No. 169, (Sep 1, 1999)..
  • Peter R. Lavoy, Director of Counterproliferation Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, writes about The Cost of Nuclear Weapons in South Asia, (Sep 1999). .
  • Robin Collins reviews Scientific American article on “Virtual” nuclear testing, (Aug 30, 1999).
  • Article in the September issue of Scientific American by Christopher Paine:A Case against Virtual Nuclear Testing, (Sep 1999). Only summary available.
  • Article Examines India’s Nuclear Doctrine, Deccan Herald (Bangalore), (Aug 28, 1999).
  • J. E. Dolan, False Alarm (Cont’d), Washington Post, (Aug 21, 1999) .
  • David Siegrist, Not So False Alarm, Washington Post, (Aug 28, 1999) .
  • Otfried Nassauer writes: Tactical Nuclear Weapons Part Of START-III Negotiations, (Aug 19, 1999).
  • Kissinger on Endorsement of Test Ban Treaties, Washington Post, (Aug 4, 1999). .
  • Russian Writers Analyze Nuclear, Non-Nuclear Deterrence, Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye (Moscow), (Aug 23, 1999).
  • Russian Debate On Naval Doctrine Continues, Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye (Moscow), (Jul 1999).
  • Defense Secretary William Cohen, Preparing For a Grave New World, Washington Post, (Jul 26, 1999).
  • Article Questions Value of Nuclear Weapons; Did Safety of Palaces Matter More?, Amn (Pakistan), (Jul 15, 1999).
  • Bill Robinson writes:Nuclear Policy Statement Released, (Jul 8, 1999).
  • Primakov Writes in Dutch Paper: Kosovo May Mark New World Order, Algemeen Dagblad, (Jun 30, 1999).
  • “This Treaty Must Be Ratified”, writes Paul Nitze and Sidney Drell, (Jun 21, 1999).
  • Chinese President Jiang Zemin writes: “The Way To Get On With Nuclear Disarmament”, (Jun 16, 1999).
  • Winkler: Chinese Nuclear Theft In Perspective, Cincinnati Post, (Jun 3, 1999).
  • Mc Neill: Spilling Our Nuclear Secrets, New York Times, (Jun 3, 1999).
  • William C. Potter and Jonathan B. Tucker: Weapons Spreading, Washington Post, (May 28, 1999).
  • Jimmy Carter: Have We Forgotten the Path to Peace?, The New York Times, (May 27, 1999).
  • Abdul Sattar, Pakistani Ex-Foreign Minister Blasts No-First-Use, The News (Islamabad), (May 5, 1999).
  • Martin Butcher, NATO Summit Set to Ignore 1995 NPT Decisions, (Apr 6, 1999).
  • Akhtar Ali, NATO First-Use Policy Becomes Argument in Pakistani Debate Karachi Dawn (Internet Version), (Mar 16, 1999).
  • Javier Solana, NATO Secretary General and Chairman of the North Atlantic Council, The Washington Summit: NATO steps boldly into the 21st century, NATO Review (web-edition), Spring 1999.
  • Dan Plesch and Otfried Nassauer, Preparing for Future Nuclear Disarmament:The Summit and the Steps Ahead, unpublished, (Mar 1999).
  • Otfried Nassauer, Germany calls for no first use (Topic IV), PENN Newsletter No.7, (Feb 1999).
  • William V. Roth Jr., Not Your Father’s NATO, Washington Times, (Feb 2, 1999).
  • Geneva Overholser, Rhetoric Aside, U.S. is Hooked on Nukes,Sacramento Bee (Jan 18, 1999).
  • Stansfield Turner, Post-Cold War World Demands New Ways to Deal with Warheads, Los Angeles Times (Jan 12, 1999).

Entries From 1998

  • Alice Slater, US Allies Break Ranks On Nuclear Policy, Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE), (Dec 22, 1998).
  • Gordon Smith, Canada Should Lead A Drive For Transparency In Nuclear Policy, Vancouver Sun (Dec 19, 1998).
  • George F. Kennan, Back To The Nuclear Question, Washington Post (Dec 15, 1998).
  • George Perkovich, First Use for What? A Failed Policy, Los Angeles Times (Dec 1998).
  • Maria Magrowska, New Concept, Old Principle, Warsaw Rzeczpospolita (Dec 9, 1998).
  • Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State, NATO Ready for the 21st Century, Security Issues Digest No. 234, (Dec 8, 1998).
  • Jorgen Dragsdahl, Nuclear Priesthood Challenged, Weekendavisen (Nov 27, 1998).
  • Ashok K. Mehta, Make the Nuclear Philosophy Complete, The Indian Express, (Sep 8, 1998). For a text-only format, go here.
  • Thomas Graham, Jr, Nuclear Targeting and the Role of Nuclear Weapons, as submitted to Defense News Inside View (Feb. 23 – Mar 1, 1998).
  • Stephen I. Schwartz, Miscalculated Ambiguity: U.S. Policy on the Use and Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons, Disarmament Diplomacy (Feb 1998).

Entries From 1997

  • Ambassador Thomas Graham, Japan has Chance to Scale Back Nuclear-Weapons Threat, The Nikkei Weekly (Japan),(Sep 8, 1997).
  • Nicola Butler and Dan Plesch, Nuclear Policy Under Review in Blair’s Britain, Policy Brief Vol. 1, No. 11, The Committee on Nuclear Policy, The Stimson Center, (Sep 5, 1997).

Entries From 1996

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