Nuclear Background for 2001 US-Russian Summit

In connection with the November 2001 U.S.-Russian summit, the following resources are available:

  • World Nuclear Forces, SIPRI Yearbook 2001
    Get the facts and figures about the world’s nuclear arsenals. 

  • “The Matrix of Deterrence: U.S. Strategic Command Force Structure Studies” 
    How does Strategic Command determine how many nuclear weapons it needs? This report takes a close look at six force structures studies that set the limits for nuclear cuts.

  • “US Nuclear Strategy Reform in the 1990s” 
    Follow changes in US nuclear strategy during the first decade after the Cold War.

  • Dangerous Directions, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    The unreformed Cold Warriors have a new war plan — one that accentuates the most threatening aspects of U.S. nuclear forces.

  • Targets of Opportunity, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    How the military found new targets for its nuclear weapons after the Cold War.