Sixth ISODARCO-Beijing Seminar on Arms Control

Shanghai, China — 29-31 October 1998

The Nautilus Institute is providing the ISODARCO conference papers and other information in cooperation with the original sponsors of the ISODARCO Seminar:







The International School On Disarmament And Research On Conflicts (ISODARCO) held The Sixth ISODARCO-Beijing Seminar on Arms Control in Shanghai, PRC, from October 29-31, 1998. The conference brought together nonproliferation experts from the US, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan to discuss nuclear weapons nonproliferation and disarmament issues.

The Nautilus Institute is pleased to provide selected papers and other information concerning the proceedings, including


  • List of Paper Authors
  • Conference Agenda
  • List of Conference Participants

The Paper Authors and Conference Agenda pages include links to specific ISODARCO papers (in “PDF” format). Also available in “PDF” format: