Clement Riedel

ClemClement Riedel is a 29 year old Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California in Berkeley. He obtained a Masters in high energy astrophysics, a Phd. in nanophysics and is currently working in single molecule biophysics. In his spare time he is also working in international affairs and security policy. He aims to use his technical and scientific background to define a focal question, and via research and analysis, then determine the implications of the possible answers on international policy. His research focus on the interaction and reinforcement of “Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free-Zones” at global level and in particular on the links and parallels between the Middle East and North East Asia, using chemical weapons as case study. He is also interested in the recent possible paradigm shift in Iran’s future upon agreement with the P5+1 about its nuclear policy and center his studies on four key strategic concerns: the official control of the nuclear program; the control of non-declared material (additional protocol of the IAEA); potential spreading of nuclear weapons to non-state actor (nuclear terrorism); and geostrategic implications c oncerning the relation with Israel. On a more practical side: he is interested in the use of unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with mobile gamma spectrometry to detect nuclear radiation; and the role of civil societies to identify and report WMD or terrorism related threats in cities, notably by the development of smartphone application.