Global Peace and Security Program

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Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network
The Northeast Asia Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet) is a transnational information network that aims to provide a forum to exchange analyses, explore ideas and promote dialogue on issues of peace, security and nuclear non-proliferation in Northeast Asia.

Nuclear Policy Project
The Nuclear Policy Project is a multi-faceted examination of the role of nuclear weapons and deterrence in global security, aimed at assessing the prospects for meaningfully reducing reliance on policies threatening the use of nuclear weapons. The project publishes the weekly Nuclear Policy Project FLASH and other analyses and background papers.

Missile Defense Initiative
The The Missile Defense Initiative is supporting a comprehensive examination of the strategic, diplomatic and security implications of developing theater missile defenses (TMD) in East Asia, and the relationship of TMD to US national missile defense (NMD) planning.

Nuclear Strategy Project
The Nuclear Strategy Project is examining the status of nuclear policy and doctrine in the United States and other nuclear-armed and nuclear-aspiring countries. The project, which analyses and publishes documentation obtained through the US Freedom of Information Act, co-authors the nuclear tables to the 2001 SIPRI Yearbook and the Nuclear Notebook series in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

South Asia Nuclear Dialogue
The South Asia Nuclear Dialogue Network (SANDNet) provides news summaries, analysis, and discussion from South Asian media as well as government documents, policy statements, and web links focusing on regional nuclear and security issues. SANDNet is a new and growing project that will soon include commissioned analyses, workshops, and scenario-based projections of the long-term prospects for nuclear policy issues in Asia.

Non-Nuclear NATO Network
The Non-Nuclear NATO Network has merged with the Nuclear Policy Project.