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US-DPRK Next Steps Workshop
Monday, January 27th, 2003
Workshop Agenda


8:30             Registration, breakfast

9:00-9:05     Welcome and Introduction:  Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute (Groundrules)

9:05-9:15    Workshop Opening:  The Long View–Professor Robert Scalapino


9:15     Session 1—Freezing DPRK Nuclear Capacities

Chair:  Joe Cirincione, Carnegie Endowment

9:15-9:30      Monitoring & Verification of DPRK Enrichment Freeze: Fred McGoldrick

9:30-9:40      Refreezing DPRK Nuclear Fuel Cycle:  Jon Wolfsthal

9:40-9:55      Net Assessment, Conventional and WMD:  General John Tilelli

9:55-10:00    Commentator:  David Asher

10:00-10:25  Moderated Q&A, dialogue

10:25-10:40  Morning tea


10:40   Session 2—Dismantlement and Cessation of DPRK Nuclear Capacities

     Chair:  Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute

10:40-10:50  Safeguards Assurance–View from Vienna: George Anzelon

10:50-11:00  Living with Uncertainty:  Elwood Gift

11:00-11.10  Dismantlement and Cessation—Can It Be Done?  John Pike

11:10-11:20  North Korea’s Nuclear Problem: Seongwhun Cheon

11:20-11:30  Commentator, Scott Davis

11:30-12:30  Moderated Q&A, dialogue


12:30-1:30  Lunch at Carnegie 

Speaker:  Chung-in Moon ROK-DPRK Engagement & the US-ROK Alliance


1.30   Session 3—Getting to Yes—What Will It Take?

Chair:  Jon Wolfsthal, Carnegie Endowment

1:30-1:40    DPRK Strategic Intention(s) and US Policy Goals:  John Steinbruner

1:40-1:50    DPRK Energy Security with Rewards:  Peter Hayes

1:50-2:00    US Policy Options–Comprehensive Agreement: Sig Harrison

2:00-2:10    Negotiating with North Koreans:  Mitchell Reiss

2:10-2:15    Commentator: Mark Groombridge

2:15-3:00    Moderated Q&A, dialogue

3:00-3:15     Afternoon tea


3:15   Session 4—Access & Information in the DPRK, What Works, What Fails

Chair:   Peter Hayes, Nautilus Institute

3:15-3:25    Yongbyon Spent Fuel Experience:  Mark Mohr

3:25-3:35    Energy Projects: David Von Hippel

3:35-3:45    HFO Flow Meters: David Wallace

3:45-3:55    Agricultural Cooperatives:  Tom McCarthy

3:55-4:05    MIA Joint Recovery:  Ashton Ormes

4:05-4:15    Commentator tba

4:15-5:10    Moderated Q&A, dialogue

5.10-5:15    Closing Remarks:  Peter Hayes

5:15    Workshop Ends

5:15    Reception   

6:15  Dinner at Carnegie

6:45 Speaker: Rep Curt Weldon