Critical articles

Critical articles

Preventing nuclear next-use

Nuclear security is clearly a paradigm global problem to be solved. Just what constitutes a solution varies from restraining proliferation of weapons to new state or non-state actors through to complete abolition. Preventing nuclear next use – creating the conditions that deny the possibility another use of nuclear weapons in war – can stand for the core problem to be solved.

Re-framing Australia-Indonesia security relations

Against a background of recurring crises in Australia’s most sensitive security relationship, the overriding aim of this project is to explore a new approach to the security aspects of relations between Australia and Indonesia.  This approach is based on new communities of shared interests to face the challenges of emerging global problems faced by both societies.

What are Global Problems?

What are global problems? What makes them different than just complex, large scale problems? And what approaches do we have to take to solving them? Nautilus Institute’s Peter Hayes and Richard Tanter introduce the issues.

Project coordinator: Richard Tanter
2 June 2008