The Nautilus Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet)

The Nautilus Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet)

napsnet puzzle graphicThe Nautilus Peace and Security Network (NAPSNet) is a non-governmental information network launched by the Nautilus Institute in November 1993. NAPSNet covers the key areas of research and policy work of the Nautilus Institute nodes in San Francisco, Melbourne and Seoul, including Austral security, nuclear deterrence, energy security, climate change adaptation, the DPRK, governance and civil society and the links between these themes and the three regions in which our nodes are found—North America, Northeast Asia, and the Austral-Asia region.


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The Weekly Report succinctly presents six items each week that we believe every reader should know about these fields. Our Policy Forum publishes expert analysis and op-ed style pieces on security-related issues. Nautilus Institute Special Reports are longer, often more technical, documents consisting of detailed reports, government statements, and other documents relevant to peace and security. Feedback, comments, responses from NAPSNet readers on any of our reports are highly encouraged and valued.

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