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US-DPRK Next Steps Workshop
Monday, January 27th, 2003
Workshop Papers


North Korea’s Nuclear Problem: Political Implications and Inspection Formats
Seongwhun Cheon
Senior research fellow at the Korea Institute for National Unification.
(pdf version)

Dismantlement and Cessation of DPRK Nuclear Capacities: Living with Uncertainty
Elwood Gift
Senior Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory/DOE
( power point presentation)

DPRK Energy Security and US Policy Options
Peter Hayes
Executive Director, the Nautilus Institute
( power point presentation)

Energy Projects
David Von Hippel
Energy and Environmental Analyst, Research Associate, Nautilus Institute
(pdf version)

Monitoring and Verification of DPRK Enrichment Freeze
Fred McGoldrick
Bengelsdorf, McGoldrick and Associates
(pdf version)

Yongbyon Spent Fuel Experience
This presentation provides historical and recent images of the spent fuel rods and canning process undertaken by the US Department of Energy that is now being dismantled by the DPRK. The presentation was made at the US-DPRK Next Steps Workshop in Washington DC on January 27, 2003, an event co-sponsored by Nautilus Institute and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Mark Mohr
Senior Adviser, Office of Nonproliferation Policy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy.
(power point presentation)

ROK-DPRK Engagement and US- ROK Alliance: Trade-off or Complementary
Chung-in Moon
Professor of Political Science, Yonsei University and Duke University
(pdf version)

MIA Joint Recovery
Ashton Ormes
Defense Prisoner of War, Missing Personnel Office
(power point presentation)

Negotiating with North Koreans
Mitchell Reiss
Dean of International Affairs, Director, The Reves Center for International Studies, William and Mary College, Professor of Law
(pdf version)

DPRK Strategic Intentions and US Policy Goals
John Steinbruner
Professor, School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland
(power point presentation)

Getting Back to Go: Re-establishing a Freeze on North Korea’s Plutonium Fuel Cycle
Jon B. Wolfsthal
Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
(pdf version)