Military Police

Military Police


As well as a range of special forces, infantry and logistics personnel, the ADF has deployed members of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police to Timor-Leste, to support Australian and United Nations policing operations especially in times of upsurges in urban violence.

In May 2006, members of the Ready Battalion Group (RBG), Military Police Section drawn from 1 Military Police Company were deployed in Dili under Operation Astute, to assist with policing and to establish a detention facility for the Joint Task Force. 

Government sources

Military Police detention operations, Operation Astute Timor-Leste 2006 Royal Australian Corps of Military Police, Army website

“On 26 May 2006, the Ready Battalion Group (RBG) Military Police Section, drawn from 1 MP Coy, landed at Dili and commenced operations alongside and with their colleagues from Battlegroup Faithful, based on the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment and the wider JTF 631.

“The scenes that confronted the RBG Section and the rest of JTF 631 were highly reminiscent of the early days of INTERFET; chaos reined in the streets of Dili; whole streets were ablaze and there was significant fighting along ethnic lines and looting taking place throughout the Dili AO. The rationale behind the government’s decision to commit to the multinational stablilisation mission was immediately clear – law and order had broken down in Dili. JTF 631’s mandate was equally clear – assist with the restoration of the rule of law.”