ADF Budget: Timor-Leste

ADF Budget: Timor-Leste


In spite of the surge of forces since 2006, Australian military and police deployments in Timor-Leste have been smaller than the 1999-2000 INTERFET intervention, As a consequence, Operation Astute has not incurred the large infrastructure costs undertaken in previous missions).

Australia is also contributing to the cost of mentoring, training and development programs, including the Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) and the Timor-Leste Police Development Program.

Government sources


$1.7 Billion to Sustain Australian Defence Force Operations, Budget 2009-10, Department of Defence Media release 080/2009, 12 May 2009.

The Rudd Government has allocated $1.7 billion in 2009-10 for major Australian Defence Force operations, Minister for Defence Joel Fitzgibbon announced today… Mr Fitzgibbon said that two ongoing major overseas operations had also been funded in 2009-10, with $213.8 million being committed to East Timor and $29.6 million to the Solomon Islands.

“ ‘The Australian-led International Stabilisation Force in East Timor is made up of about 650 ADF personnel and will continue to provide a range of specified security tasks in support of the East Timorese authorities and the UN,’ Mr Fitzgibbon said.”

Timor?Leste — continued funding to help maintain stability, Budget Paper No.2, Part 2 Expense measures – Defence.

The Government will provide $211.1 million over three years for the net additional cost of extending Operation ASTUTE, Australia’s military contribution to maintaining stability in Timor?Leste, until June 2010 ($191.8 million in 209-10; $18.9 million in 20010-11; $0.4million in 2011-12). This measure is also expected to lead to a reduction in revenue of $12.9 million over two years as Australian Defence Force personnel are taxed concessionally on their base pay and allowances while on deployment.”


Budget 2008-09: Defence 2008-09 Budget, Minister for Defence Joel Fitzgibbon, media release 34/08, 13 May 2008

In 2008-09, total funding of $1.036 billion will be made available for Australian Defence Force operations, consisting of:  $174.3 million for Operation Astute, Australia’s assistance to Timor-Leste to restore peace and stability.”

Defence Annual Report 2007-08, Volume 1, Department of Defence, p51

Operations in East Timor (Operation Astute): The government provided an allocation of $152.8m in the 2007-08 budget for this operation. Actual expenditure was $52.8m more than the revised estimate due to increased support costs incurred in supporting additional ADF contributions to East Timor.”


Defence Department, Portfolio Budget Statement 2007-08, Chapter 2 – Resourcing, 2007

“In 2007-2008, the government will provide continued funding of $104 million will continue ‘to help restore peace and stability’ in East-Timor.” (p.37)

“The Defence department will provide $68.7 million continued funding to East Timor.” (p.38)

[18,600,000] “Reimbursement for expenditure in 2005-2006 for Operation Astute”. (p.45)

Defence Department, Portfolio Budget Statement 2007-08, Section Two: Defence Material Organisation, 2007, p. 248

Defence Department, Portfolio Budget Statement 2007-08, Chapter 2, 2007 p.33

“The government has extended the ADF deployment until June 2008 and has allocated an additional $134.8m over two financial years for this operation. All together, including funding approved in prior years, Defence will spend $152.8m on Operation Astute in 2007-08.”

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