Forensic Operations

Forensic Operations


In June 2006, a team of five forensic scientists (comprised of three members of AFP forensics services, one member of Canberra Crime Scenes and the TLPDP forensic consultant) was sent to work on investigations in Timor-Leste following the police shooting in May 2006.

Government sources

Annual Report 2006 – 2007, Chapter 4 – Close Support, Australian Federal Police (AFP, p.87

[In 2006 – 2007 Forensic Operations included] “Deployment of crime scene, firearms identification and disaster victim-identification personnel to Timor-Leste to provide specialist assistance in relation to the ongoing investigations resulting from the riots and subsequent murder that occurred in September 2006. Laboratory Services also contributed to this operation through the analysis of samples.”

Through the eyes of a forensic investigator, J. Adamek, Platypus Magazine, 2006, vol 92, pp. 11 – 15

“In the earlier weeks of Operation Serene, forensic case work mainly focused on post-mortems and other forensic investigations and examinations associated with the shooting murder of of nine police officers in Caicoli and the death of six da Silva family members in a house fire…

“Towards the end of June, case work levelled off and the focus shifted towards other major crimes, some of which were still occurring on a daily basis.”