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Nautilus Institute’s Policy Forum‘s focus is on the timely publication of expert analysis and op-ed style pieces on the foremost of security-related issues to Northeast Asia. Its mission is to facilitate a multilateral flow of information among an international network of policy-makers, analysts, scholars, media, and readers. Policy Forum essays are typically from a wide range of expertise, political orientations, as well as geographic regions and seeks to present readers with opinions and analysis by experts on the issues as well as alternative voices not typically presented or heard. Feedback, comments, responses from Policy Forum readers are highly encouraged.

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What Happens to Electric Utilities When It Is Cheaper for Consumers to Generate Their Own Power?

David Von Hippel 19 March 2014 Nautilus Institute David von Hippel is a Nautilus Institute Senior Associate working on energy and environmental issues in Asia, as well as on analysis of the DPRK energy sector. This paper was prepared with support from the Hanyang University Energy, Governance and Security  (EGS)  Center as EGS, available in […]

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Supplying Energy Needs for the DPRK’s Special Economic Zones and Special Administrative Regions: Electricity Infrastructure Requirements

by Roger Cavazos and David von Hippel The Center for Energy Governance & Security Seoul, Korea 19 August 2014 I. INTRODUCTION The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) uses special economic zones as a mechanism for engaging in commercial activity with other nations without substantially converting its economy to a market model; earning hard currency […]

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Energy Needs in the DPRK

Energy Needs in the DPRK, and Opportunities for Collaboration on Energy Sector Engagement and Redevelopment by David. Von Hippel and Peter Hayes The Center for Energy Governance & Security Seoul, Korea 12 August 2014 I. INTRODUCTION A series of events in the last few years and months have kept the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) in […]

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Should South Korea Go Nuclear?

by Peter Hayes and Chung-in Moon 28 July 2014 I. SUMMARY Relative to the status quo of relying on US nuclear extended deterrence, the ROK developing and deploying its own nuclear weapons, or, arranging for redeployment of US nuclear weapons into Korea, are fantastic ideas. The latter options would reduce the credibility of US retaliation in response to a […]

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한국, 핵무장 해야 하는가?

피터 헤이즈 문정인 2014 월 28 요약 미국의 핵 확장 억지력에 의존하는 현 상태를 유지하기 보다는 한국이 자체적인 핵 개발에 나섬으로써 핵 무기를 보유한다거나 미국의 핵 무기를 한국에 재배치하자는 생각은 타당치 않다. 이는 북한의 선제 핵 공격에 대한 미국의 보복 대응의 신뢰도를 떨어뜨리고, 미국이 한국에 제공하고 있는 재래식 전력에 의한 억지력의 견고함을 해치는 결과를 가져올 […]

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Policy Forum – “Six Party Talks and Multilateral Security Cooperation”

“Six Party Talks and Multilateral Security Cooperation” Building a New Security Architecture in Northeast Asia May 29, 2014 Presented to 9th Jeju Forum Panel by Peter Hayes, Director at the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability. 1. Six Party Talks and Multilateral Security Cooperation It is self-evident that the Six Party Talks (6PT) as we knew […]

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Policy Forum – Electric Chaiwallas

by Lalloobhoy Battiwala 1 April 2014 I. INTRODUCTION Kirk R. Smith wrote in an e-mail on his trip in Odisha, ’Another unforeseen revelation occurred on the trip, however. On the 3-hour drive back to the airport in the evening, the car driver pointed out to us that all the “chaiwallahs” (tea sellers) along the highway now […]

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“Mutual Probable Destruction”: Nuclear Next-Use in a Nuclear-Armed East Asia?

by Peter Hayes 14 May 2014 I. Introduction Peter Hayes, Director of Nautilus Institute, writes that John on-fat Wong’s 1982 dissertation, Security Requirements in Northeast Asia, provides an important corrective for shallow thinking that informs calls for South Korea and Japan to proliferate nuclear weapons to match those of North Korea or the existing nuclear weapons states in […]

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Policy Forum – Japan’s Energy Policy Impasse

by Andrew DeWit 22 April 2014 Andrew DeWit is Professor in the School of Policy Studies at Rikkyo University and an Asia-Pacific Journal coordinator. With Iida Tetsunari and Kaneko Masaru, he is coauthor of “Fukushima and the Political Economy of Power Policy in Japan,” in Jeff Kingston (ed.) Natural Disaster and Nuclear Crisis in Japan.This […]

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ADIZ: a four letter word

Roger Cavazos asserts that spring on the Korean peninsula is often associated with provocations. This spring may be exceptional since there are complicating factors off the Korean peninsula which can make the situation worse. In particular, overlapping Air Defense Identification Zones have the potential to escalate things rapidly and force political leaders to shift attention away from their domestic concerns.

Roger Cavazos is a Nautilus Institute Associate and retired US military officer with assignments in policy and intelligence communities.

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