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Nautilus Institute’s Policy Forum‘s focus is on the timely publication of expert analysis and op-ed style pieces on the foremost of security-related issues to Northeast Asia. Its mission is to facilitate a multilateral flow of information among an international network of policy-makers, analysts, scholars, media, and readers. Policy Forum essays are typically from a wide range of expertise, political orientations, as well as geographic regions and seeks to present readers with opinions and analysis by experts on the issues as well as alternative voices not typically presented or heard. Feedback, comments, responses from Policy Forum readers are highly encouraged.

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Sustainable Fisheries, Environment and the Prospects of Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia

(Prof.) APRILANI SOEGIARTO (Ph.D) The Indonesian Institute of Sciences-LIPI Jl. Gatot Subroto 10 Jakarta 12710 – INDONESIA Phone : (62-21)-5225641 5225711 Telex : 62554-LIPI IA Fax : (62-21)-5225709 5207226 Presented at the Nautilus Institute Workshop on Trade and Environment in Asia-Pacific: Prospects for Regional Cooperation 23-25 September 1994 East-West Center, Honolulu ABSTRACT Fisheries is very […]

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