Muria peninsula nuclear power proposal

File Chronology (draft 01-12-2008)

Folder Companies
Companies involved in the Muria NPP proposal

Rich document Contemporary alternative site proposals

Rich document Corruption in the Nuclear Regulatory Agency (Bapeten)

Rich document Desa Balong

Rich document Economic issues and financing

Rich document Feasibility studies

Rich document IAEA and the Muria proposal

Rich document Iron sands mining

Rich document Jepara

Rich document Law and regulatory issues

Rich document Local opposition

Rich document Local participation

Rich document Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Rich document Muria proposal historical materials

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Folder Muria nuclear power plant Islamic jurisprudence materials
Documents relating to Jepara NU bahtsul masa’il, September 2007 – originals and translations. See also Nuclear fatwa: Islamic jurisprudence and the Muria nuclear power station proposal, Richard Tanter, Austral Policy Forum, 13 December 2007, 07-25A.

Rich document Nuclear power plant vendors

Rich document Proliferation concerns

Rich document Site selection history

Rich document Tanjung Jati B Power Station

Rich document Ujung Lemahabang site

Rich document Uranium mining

Rich document Volcanic and seismic hazards
This page collates all significant publicly available documents relating to the volcanic, seismic and tectonic characteristics of the proposed Ujung Lemah Abang nuclear power plant site and its environs.

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Rich document ASEAN regional proliferation