Local participation

Local participation

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Annex: Small and Medium Reactor User Requirements Document: Indonesia, Guidance for preparing user requirements documents for small and medium reactors and their application, [PDF, 7.01Mb], International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA-TECDOC-1167, August 2000.

8.2. Infrastructure and national participation
Maximum utilization of locally available materials, manufacturing capabilities and readily made products, as well as Indonesian nationals for labour, skilled workers and supervisory services, are encouraged for the construction, operation and maintenance works, as far as they meet the specified quality. Preference in the hiring of local labour shall be given to residents within the immediate vicinity of the project site.
Local products mean all kinds of goods which are manufactured or produced by industrial companies locally. In the process of creating of goods as well as performing services, the use of non-domestic (imported) input or elements is allowed.
Local contractors to be subcontracted (by the main supplier) shall be companies with the status of Indonesian statutory bodies. Included in this category are:
– industrial companies which have the status of foreign capital investment according to the prevailing regulation and have already invested the capital in Indonesia (established factory in Indonesia), and
– services companies (such as consultant) which represent joint venture company with Indonesian services company and using as much as possible Indonesian personnel.
8.3. Technology transfer
Potential vendors shall state in their offer the plan to execute certain technology transfer through their various activities: e.g. training, on-the-job training, design participation, construction and erection subcontracts with domestic companies, supervisions, QA & QC inspections, and fabrication of components. The user and domestic subcontractors shall be advised on the incremental costs in case certain items of technology transfer do not belong to the vendor’s scope of supply.

8.8 Technical support
After the take-over of the plant the vendor/contractor are required to provide engineering, technical and operational supports on demand. The national companies are encouraged to become local partners to these vendors/contractors for the future services through national participation and technology transfer programmes.
8.9. Long term partnership
Long term partnership shall be further developed to other services, such as in-core fuel management, safety verification, or in the R&D co-operation. A worldwide association of users, operating similar type SMRs representing one of the medium for information exchange already available, shall be supported and maintained.


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Local participation estimate - Sudarsono, 1984
The future of nuclear power in Indonesia, Budi Sudarsono, Energy, Volume 9, Issues 9-10, September-October 1984, pp. 807-813.

Project coordinator: Richard Tanter
Additional research: Arabella Imhoff
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