Muria nuclear power plant Islamic jurisprudence materials

Muria nuclear power plant Islamic jurisprudence materials


Muria fatwa documents – Bahasa Indonesia

Documents relating to the Nahdlatul Ulama Jepara branch public discussion and debate over September 1-2, 2007 to assess the Indonesian government’s plan to build a nuclear power station on the Muria peninsula from the perspective of Islamic jurisprudence. The meeting of religious leaders decided that the Muria proposal was forbidden (haram). The three documents included are the planning committee’s framework document and agenda and schedule of the meeting; the announcement of the ulamas’ decision (fatwa); and a clarification of the decision written by KH Nuruddin Amin, a prominent ulama from Jepara.

Muria nuclear power station fatwa documents – English translations

English translations by Richard Tanter.


Nuclear fatwa: Islamic jurisprudence and the Muria nuclear power station proposal,Richard Tanter, Austral Policy Forum, 13 December 2007, 07-25A.

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