ADF – structure

ADF – structure

24 May 2007

Government sources

Units of the Australian Army, Australian Army

Clickable listing of principal units, but without explanation of structure.

Units of the Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF


Structure of the Australian Army, Wikipedia

Well-organised comprehensive explanation and listing.

Australian Army 2005 – Land Command and Special Operations Command Version 1.2, Nick Dowling, Oceania Orders of Battle

Detailed and clearly organised. Best read in conjunction with the Wikipedia Structure of the Australian Army article.

“Land Command is responsible for overseeing the Australian Army’s conventional units. Training units fall under the command of Training Command, and special forces units are commanded by the recently established Special Operations Command.”

Australian Armed Forces, Neil Baumgardner, Last Updated: January 22, 2004.

Comprehensive clickable order of battle listing.

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