Skylark UAV

Skylark UAV

 Skylark II UAV, Israel, Army-technology

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Pakistan Seeks Spy Planes from Australia, Brendan Nicholson, Age, 12 May 2008

“Pakistan officials are expected in Australia soon seeking to buy equipment including unmanned surveillance aircraft to help patrol Pakistan’s mountainous and porous border with Afghanistan.The defence chief said Pakistani authorities had to try to control a long border in rugged country with crossing points used constantly since colonial times. They had five army divisions along the border and had suffered heavy casualties fighting extremists there.Air Chief Marshal Houston said there could well be great benefit in having Paki- stan engaged with Australia’s defence industries.”

Unmanned aerial vehicles to be deployed to Iraq, Robert Hill, Minister for defence, Media Release 3 November 2005

“Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be deployed to Iraq to provide increased protection for Australian Defence Force soldiers and will be a new ally in operational missions in the southern Al Muthanna province. Defence Minister Robert Hill said four Skylark miniature UAVs will be deployed to assist the second rotation of the Al Muthanna Task Group (AMTG). A further two UAVs will remain in Australia for training and preparation purposes.”

Skylark launch

Source: Department of Defence

New tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Capability, Media Release, Department of Defence, 12 December 2005

Includes links to video and photos. “Senator Hill said the Government had agreed to the $145 million UAV project to provide the Army with a high precision day and night surveillance and targeting capability with accompanying ground systems. The tactical UAVs will provide wide-ranging surveillance with advanced retractable sensor technology to work closely with the Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter to support operations on the battlefield. Boeing Australia has been selected as the preferred tenderer to provide the Israel Aircraft Industries I-View UAV system because it offered the best value for money.”

Skylark UAV

Skylark I Miniature Aerial vehicle
Elbit Systems (Israel)
Source: Defense Update

Tour of Duty, Brendan Nicholson,The Age, 12 February 2007

It is bitterly cold in the desert of southern Iraq and 40 Australian armoured vehicles are parked in a giant circle, wagon train-style with guns pointed into the receding darkness. A young soldier is assembling what looks like every kid’s dream birthday present – an aircraft with a two-metre wingspan, a powerful electric motor and a giant rubber band to hurl it skywards.

Gunner David Frawley of Australia’s Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment will launch it to give the 300 soldiers in the Overwatch Battle Group a set of eyes in the sky. The Skylark UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, is fitted with powerful scanners that beam back images of the landscape ahead. It circles 10 kilometres out searching for ambushes or enemy troop movements.”

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UAV with ADF in Iraq

Source: Tour of duty, Brendan Nicholson, The Age, 12 February 2007

Skylark I Miniature Aerial vehicle, Elbit Systems (Israel), Defense Update

“Elbit has developed the Skylark miniature UAVs, a manpacked system designed for tactical close-range surveillance and reconnaissance missions, artillery fire adjustments as well as force protection and perimeter security.

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JP 129 – Airborne Surveillance For Land Operations, Joint Project, Defence Materiel Organisation

“JP129 Phases 1 & 2 seeks to acquire a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) system capable of providing airborne surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition to support land operations. The lack of this level of capability is currently recognised as a significant deficiency in Australia’s national surveillance architecture, particularly for land and littoral operations. The Defence Capability Plan (pages 73-4) states that the ADF will acquire TUAVs with an expected in-service date of 2008 to 2010. Estimated total project budget for JP129 Phase 2 is $A145 million.”

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