CH-47 helicopter

CH-47 helicopter

24 May 2007

The Australian Army 5th Aviation Regiment operates the CH-47D variant of the Boeing-built Chinook helicopter, with a number of upgrades. In March 2006 the Defence Minister said that the Chinooks being dispatched to Afghanistan “are equipped with an enhanced level of ballistic protection, as well as advanced communications equipment to operate with Coalition partners.”

Government sources

CH-47 Helicopter (Chinook), Operation Falconer Fact Sheets, Department of Defence

Dated but useful. “Based in Townsville as part of the Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment, the CH47D helicopter (Chinook) provides the Australian Army with a medium lift capability. The Chinook has the capacity to lift up to 11.7 Tons, carrying internal and/or external loads, or 30 combat troops.”

Incident involving Australian Ch-47 Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan, Media Release, Department of Defence, 14 March 2007

“Our aircraft include a range of systems and armour enhancements to increase their survivability for just this type of incident. The aircraft has recently undergone a $25 million dollar upgrade and has been fitted with a complete suite of defensive systems designed to mitigate against a broad range of threats. This includes electronic systems, weapons, techniques and procedures.”

CH-47 Chinook helicopter image

An Australian CH-47D Chinook helicopter circles the
Australian Reconstruction Task Force camp before landing in Afghanistan.
Source: Department of Defence


CH-47 Chinook, Wikipedia

Useful site. “The Boeing CH-47 is a versatile, twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. The contra-rotating rotors eliminate the need for an anti-torque vertical rotor, allowing all power to be used for lift and thrust. Its top speed of 170 knots (196 mph, 315 km/h) was faster than 1960s, and even many contemporary, utility and attack helicopters. Its primary roles include troop movement, artillery emplacement and battlefield resupply. There is a wide loading ramp at the rear of the fuselage and three external-cargo hooks.”

CH-47 Chinook,

Comprehensive site on the family of CH-47 helicopters. “The CH-47 Chinook, the workhorse of the US Army, is manufactured by the Boeing Vertol company. Its principal missions include transport of troops, artillery, ammunitions, fuel, water, barrier materials, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Other missions include medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction, civil development, disaster relief, and search and rescue. The CH-47 is a twin-engine, tandem rotor helicopter designed for transportation of cargo, troops, and weapons during day, night, visual, and instrument conditions. The aircraft fuselage is approximately 50 feet long. With a 60-foot rotor span, on each rotor system, the effective length of a CH-47 (with blades turning) is approximately 100 feet from the most forward point of the forward rotor to the most rearward point on the aft rotor. Maximum airspeed is 170 knots with a normal cruise speed of 130 knots. However, speed for any mission will vary greatly depending on load configuration (internal or external), time of day, or weather conditions. The minimum crew for tactical operations is four, two pilots, one flight engineer, and one crew chief. For more complex missions, such as NVG operations and air assaults, commanders may consider using five crew members and add one additional crew chief.”

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