Joint Australian-US intelligence facilities

Joint Australian-US intelligence facilities


The best single introduction to the Joint Australia-US Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap, outside Alice Springs, Northern Territory, remains the Report of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties, Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, October 1999 on An Agreement to extend the period of operation of the Joint Defence Facility at Pine Gap, and the testimonies to that committee by Desmond Ball and Paul Dibb. (See bibliography.)


Bibliography – Joint Defence Facility, Pine Gap

Comprehensive bibliography of Australian and other government and non-government sources relating to the Joint Defence Facility, Pine Gap.

Pine Gap dishes/domes list

List of dishes and domes, by Desmond Ball and Bill Robinson, June 2007.

Pine Gap – photokey – large

Large version of aerial photo of Pine Gap, August 2005, Digital Globe, with extant dishes and domes numbered by Desmond Ball and Bill Robinson.



Pine Gap - photokey - large

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