General resources

General resources


Palace Office – official website of the Tongan Monarchy

Government websites

Government of the Kingdom of Tonga – official website

Parliament of Tonga – official website

Tonga Defence Services (TDS)

Ministry of Justice, Kingdom of Tonga – official website

Web resources and timelines for Kingdom of Tonga

Timeline of key dates – Tonga

Tonga Constitution and laws – Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLii)

Kingdom of Tonga – country briefing paper: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)

Kingdom of Tonga – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand)

Tonga – CIA World Factbook

BBC News  Tonga country profile

UN Department for Sustainable Development – Tonga country information

Te Puna (National Library of New Zealand) – links to Tonga websites

Planet Tonga – community web links

Friendly Islands Human Rights & Democracy Movement (FIHRDM)

Further reading:

  • I.C. Campbell: Island Kingdom – Tonga ancient and modern (Canterbury University Press, 2001 revised edition)
  • Elizabeth Wood-Ellem: Queen Salote of Tonga – the story of an era 1900-1965 (Auckland University Press, Auckland, 1999)
  • Kalafi Moala: Island kingdom strikes back – the story of an independent newspaper (Taimi o Tonga) (Pacmedia Publishers, Auckland, 2002)
  • Helen Morton Lee: Tongans overseas – between two shores ((University of Hawai’i Press, Honolulu, 2003)

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