Rules of engagement – Tonga

Rules of engagement – Tonga


Within the wider contexts of the laws of armed conflict, the political and legal mandate under which forces operate in a given conflict, and military bureaucratic-legal structures of authority and command, rules of engagement are rules for military and police forces specifying the circumstances and manner and limits of the use of force.

Rules of engagement are especially important in the context of peace-keeping operations and humanitarian interventions. Most governments do not disclose the specific and detailed rules of engagement under which particular armed forces are operating on the grounds that opposing forces would then be able to take advantage of self-imposed constraints. 

Government sources


Questions and answers, ADF support to Tonga – update, Department of Defence, Media release CPA 309/06 20 November 2006

Are the troops armed?

Yes. Defence will not discuss the specifics of its rules of engagement.

New Zealand

NZDF website

Are the troops armed?

The NZDF contingent will carry arms; they will have the power to protect themselves if required under appropriate rules of engagement.

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