Aid to Tonga

Aid to Tonga


New Tongan High Commission, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, media release, Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, media release, 13 October 2008

Australia is committed to assisting in Tonga’s long term development. Total Australian Overseas Development Assistance to Tonga in 2008-09 is around $19 million. Of this amount, $13 million is allocated to bilateral programs in scholarships, health, economic and public sector management, reconstruction, and community development. We look forward to a further strengthening of relations with Tonga under a Pacific Partnership for Development, which is expected to be finalised by early 2009. We also welcome Tonga’s participation in the Pacific Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme.”

Australian aid to Tonga, Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) website

“Economic and political reforms are issues for Tonga’s long-term development prospects. Australia is supporting the Tongan Government’s reform efforts. Australia is providing funding and technical support for economic and public sector reform, business recovery, anti-corruption initiatives, customs, policing and community development. Tonga’s health system, fisheries and solid waste management will receive further Australian assistance.”

AusAID: aid activities in Tonga, September 2007

Country program estimate 2007-08: $12.0 million
Total ODA: $15.7 million

Australia and Tonga Sign Performance Partnership, Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer, Media release AA 07 59, 16 August 2007

Australia and Tonga today signed a Performance Partnership to assist the Government of Tonga in implementing its program of essential economic and public sector reforms. This Partnership is the first in a series of new Performance Incentives arrangements announced in the 2007-08 overseas aid budget.

In my Sir Arthur Tange Lecture on 8 August, I outlined the various ways in which Australia currently supports leaders in the Pacific who are committed to real reform.  I explained that Australia will provide additional aid funding to countries that meet agreed performance criteria. The Tonga Australia Performance Partnership is an example of this new approach.

In 2007 08, the Australian Government will provide up to $1.57 million of additional aid to the Kingdom of Tonga as it meets agreed milestones for economic policy and governance reform.”

Non-Government Organisations

Pacific Regional CSO Forum, Nuku’alofa, Tonga, October 2007

“The state and its interests have been at the centre of conventional approaches to human security. Changing the focus to a people-centred approach guarantees the twin values of ‘freedom from fear’ and ‘freedom from want’ which are the basis of human security….we call upon the leaders to identify and address human security challenges in accordance with values that promoter the maintenance of peace, justice and human rights rather than regionally-sanctioned military interventions.”

United Nations

Tonga country profile 2006, UNDP – Fiji Multi-Country Office

Tonga, Agenda 21 country profile, Johannesburg 2002