1986 US Naval Forces Korea Command History

The United States has been closely tied militarily to South Korea since the end of World War II. With numerous bases throughout the Pacific and in South Korea, it is important to analyze operations and changes made in relation to increasing cooperation and communication both between the two countries and within America’s Pacific Fleet.

This report details the command history of the Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Korea for the year 1986. It focuses on mission, organizational structure, logistics and special projects and events.

“The Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Korea (COMNAVFORKOREA), provides administrative, intelligence, operational, logistical and communications support to elements of the Pacific Fleet, both ashore and afloat, in accordance with CINCPACFLT OPORDER 201, and functions as the Regional Coordinator for Naval personnel in Korea in accordance with CINCPACFLTINST 5400.12.”

This report was released to the Nautilus Institute under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Download (PDF, 408KB)