1987 Press Release 2nd Infantry Division

The 1987 press release focuses on the 2nd Infantry Division, nicknamed “Indianhead” for its Native American depiction insignia. The report chronicles its participation in war and peace operations, ranging from WWI times to the Korean War, and in particular its success in combat and in achieving of its goals. With the tensions between North and South Korea, the report advocates and promotes the use of the 2nd Infantry Division for deterrence purposes, citing its reliability, history of service, and readiness as invaluable to defense.

The “Indianheads” is a deactivated division since the Korean War. The report serves as remembrance for their deeds, and possibly appeals for their continued service and reactivation. The increases tensions arising from the North/South division of Korea is used as the reason for their necessity.

‘Nowhere else in the world is the threat to freedom so obvious, and nowhere else in the world is an American combat force so well Trained and capable of performing its critical mission. The 2nd Infantry Division remains today, as always, “Second to None.”‘ [p. 4]

This report was released to the Nautilus Institute under the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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