Global Nuclear Futures Briefing Book

Growing concern over climate change, increasing electricity demand in developing countries, and the likelihood that the world has already passed the global oil peak are all contributing to push for a ‘renaissance’ in the use of nuclear power. But expansion in the use of the nuclear fuel cycle raises serious questions regarding proliferation of nuclear weapons, reactor safety, and storage and eventual disposal of nuclear waste.

The Global Nuclear Futures Briefing Book aims to inform the debate over the future of nuclear power by including expert analysis from a variety of perspectives, pro- and anti-nuclear, government and non-government. It covers a variety of technical and policy issues, as well as country-specific topics.

The Briefing Book covers these issues from the perspectives of country studies, policy issues, and technical aspects. We seek a diversity of views, and welcome suggestions for additional material to include.

The Briefing Book is updated regularly. Check back for new postings.


The Global Nuclear Briefing Book was made possible due to generous contributions from the following donors:

New Land Foundation

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MacArthur Foundation

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