Information on the nuclear weapons, energy, and nonproliferation policies of individual countries. Countries currently covered include Australia, China, Japan and the United States of America.


Although Australia possesses one of the world's largest reserves of uranium, it does not currently operate any nuclear power plants. The papers in this collection cover the debate over whether Australia should begin a nuclear power program, as well as the implications of large-scale mining and export of Australian uranium.


Already one of the five recognized nuclear weapons states, China is increasingly looking to nuclear power to meet its rapidly growing energy needs. The documents in this collection look at China's plans for expansion of nuclear energy and the implications for global nonproliferation efforts.


Japan is one of the world's leading producers of nuclear energy, as well as one of the few non-nuclear-weapons states that possesses both uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing capabilities. The documents in this collection look at Japan's future plans for nuclear energy, as well as its continued stockpiling of nuclear material.

United States

In addition to having the largest and most sophisticated nuclear weapons arsenal, the United States is also debating whether to resume the building of new nuclear power plants and to end its long-standing ban on reprocessing. The articles in this collection look at both the status and policy regarding both nuclear power and nuclear weapons in the United States.